Blue Sky AdBlue® 20L

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Blue Sky AdBlue® 20L


Blue Sky AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

  • 20 litre

What is AdBlue®

AdBlue® is the VDA’s registered name for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and is a pure solution of 32.5% urea and de-ionised water.

Why Use AdBlue®

AdBlue® is essential for the correct operation of an advanced pollution control technology installed in vehicle exhaust system called Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR. Unlike diesel, AdBlue® is a clear, non-toxic liquid that is safe to handle and does not damage the environment.

AdBlue® is required by the majority of heavy duty diesel vehicles using Euro V & VI engine technology.

What does AdBlue® do?

The SCR system uses AdBlue® and a base metal catalyst in the vehicle’s muffler to reduce Nitric Oxide (NOx) to water vapour and atmospheric nitrogen. This reaction takes place downstream of the engine in the exhaust system and is known as “after-treatment”. The SCR system has the potential to achieve > 80% NOx reduction rates, allowing the engine to be turned for maximum efficiency which goes and estimated fuel saving of 3-5%.

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